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Part 4 - Races and Sub-Classes

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Part 4 - Races and Sub-Classes

Post by Draerkon on Tue Feb 09, 2016 12:12 pm


Norms: Norms are normal Human beings, without any sort of magic or implants. The Norms can eventually become Technomancers or Mages by getting a technological implant or passing a dragon's test and proving themselves worthy of magic. Norms are generally more creative than Technomancers or Mages because they have no sort of interference with their brains. A sub-set of the Norms are The Pledged Norms, a group of Norms who have taken an oath to neither use implanted technology, nor magic. Norms are the only group that are able to take full advantage of the Human crafting system.

Technomancers: Humans that have had technological enhancements in order to improve their abilities. Sometimes referred to as cyborgs, this division of the Humans have purchased technology that they have implanted into themselves, which is usually a big hunk of gray-colored metal with inner robotics that is attached to the flesh and nerves of the Human, that resembles the part of the Humans body it is replacing. Technomancers are able to continually buy or create more enhancements, making themselves stronger over time.

Sadly, due to the bio-mechanical interfacing, the Technomancers think more logically and are not as creative as Norms. They are also unable to use magic, as it cannot be stored in their fractured souls.

Mages: Humans that have passed the tests of the Dragons and have been embued with their magic have become Mages, beings of incredible power. Mages are generally taught by a teacher who has studied the same element, and a teacher usually only has one apprentice at a time. Mages who are able to harness their powers into spells are able to use them in battle can be very powerful. These basic spells, once mastered, can lead to the discovery of more powerful spells within the element.

Mages are not able to think as creatively as norms, due to part of their mind being pre-occupied with managing magic. They also cannot get technological implants, as these will fracture their souls and release their magic, which can be quite dangerous.

Arzent: The Arzent have bodies quite similar to Humans, although their anatomy is a bit different. The main visual differences is that they have purpley-blue slimy skin, with tentacles for hair. Over the years, the Arzent have learned to mutate, evolve, and adapt to their situation and these mutated Arzent are generally seperated into three Sub-Classes, Qaz'l, those that focus on brute strength, Slyn'var, those that create and use bioweaponry to fight, and Zyrx'qan, those that focus on stealth and camouflage.

Qaz'l (kah-zel): The Qaz'l are generally mutated with brute strength in mind, having giant muscles, and protrudable spikes from their hands, or a similar equivalent. In battle, they are the front lines, tearing through any opposition.

Slyn'var: The Slyn'var are generally the same size as an average Human, and aren't very muscular at all. They make up for this with their smarts. They are experts in bioweaponry and are able to make anything from a simple plasma pistol to an exosuit. When they do fight, they are usually heavily armed in order to keep their fragile bodies safe.

Zyrx'qan (zerks-khan): The Zyrx'qan are the elite, highly-trained assassins of the Arzent. They are masters of deception and manipulation and can sometimes camouflage as Humans or even turn invisible. This mutation group generally does not engage in battles and usually deal with stealth or reconnaissance missions.

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