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Part 3 - World Overview

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Part 3 - World Overview

Post by Draerkon on Sat Feb 06, 2016 8:25 pm

In this alternate reality, The Earth's surface has been ravaged, creating two drastically different landscapes. The inhospitable desert of rock and dust known as The Wasteland, and the islands of land surrounded by magical "bubbles" known as The Safe Havens.

The Cleansed Land:

The Cleansed Land is a desert of dust and rock that lacks the atmosphere kept trapped by the barriers of The Safe Havens. There are frequent radiation storms from the solar storms caused by the sun. The Arzent occupy this area, but do live in ships over the surface to avoid attack from the humans. It is inhospitable to humans unless they were to bring in an atmospheric generator and some form of protection from the ultraviolet radiation beating down upon the surface due to the lack of ozone.

The Safe Havens:

The Safe Havens are the small areas of land kept intact by the magical barriers created by the dragon-empowered mages. The mages layered their different types of magic on top of each other to create the strong shield and froze the barriers in time to prevent maintenance from being required for the barriers to be sustained. The barriers are able to be passed through safely by any living being. However, the barrier looks like a giant purple dome, so good luck figuring out whether or not there are Arzent encamped just outside. The Safe Havens were able to save a small area of every biome you can think of, as well as three cities, which became the primary cities for the three warring groups of Humans.


Tokyo, futuristic and fully developed, became the main settlement for the Technomancers, and as such, it's streets are filled with the shops of tech implant manufacturers, each trying to get a slice of the huge profit of the industry.

Norms are able to move about in freedom here, whereas Mages should think twice before exercising their powers.


Over the years, Moscow has steadily improved it's technology, although it always seemed to be a few steps behind Tokyo. Once the Humans began warring, this became the city of choice for The Pledged Norms, a group of Norms who took the oath to neither use technological implants, nor magic, and to stay the way they had been since they were born. The streets rarely have a shop for technological implants, and any that pop up are usually closed down within the week. Tech shops exist in the city, although they sell external tech, similar to what we have today, only more futuristic.

Both Technomancers and Mages are accepted in the city, so long as they don't cause trouble. Recent troublemakers have usually been found asleep in their bed the next morning, unable to wake up.

Machu Picchu:

After having been reconstructed from etchings of the look of the temple before it's ruin, Machu Picchu has become a Cultural, Historical, and Magical landmark, making it the favored city of the Mages. After being reconstructed, the residual magical energies of the original temple flourished, making it an ideal location to train those who had proven themselves to the dragons. Very few shops exist here, most of the space being taken up by training centers for the many schools of magic.

Norms are free to explore the rich heritage of the rebuilt city. Technomancers however, have to watch their step, else they get attacked by a volley of magic.

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