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Part 2 - General Rules

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Part 2 - General Rules

Post by Draerkon on Fri Feb 05, 2016 7:47 pm

1. No Godmodding! This is a no-brainer, don't make yourself overpowered, and don't take control of other's characters unless allowed by a game mechanic.

2. Do not double post! This just creates spam and more work for mods to do.

3. This forum is in English, as such all of the players should be expected to write in proper English. No SMS (lol, rofl), Leetspeak (1337), or deliberate mistakes are allowed. If you do make a mistake, edit it out as soon as possible.

4. One word posts, or single smileys ARE NOT ALLOWED. These create spam and floods.

5. Please use the quote tool when speaking OOC.

6. People may have a different opinion on certain subjects, but that DOES NOT MEAN THEY SHOULD BE INSULTED FOR IT. Everyone has a right to their own opinion.

7. Swearing/cussing is allowed on the forum, however sexual or overly gory and graphic content is NOT. Anywhere past the characters shutting the door and implying they will have sex MUST FtB (Fade to Black), meaning you stop and resume the RP at the end of the sex scene. This is the only rule that, if broken, will get you an instant permanent ban because THIS IS NOT SMUT! Nobody wants to see that on here! If you are unsure whether a post breaks this rule, please send it to the staff via PM.

8. You should have respect for the staff. We are human just like you after all. I didn't have to make this RP, and the other staff didn't have to volunteer for the work they are doing. We are doing this mostly because we just love to Role-play. If you can't give us the respect we deserve, we will ask you to leave the site and go to another governed by robots that are around 24/7.

9. Do not moderate other players, there's a reason most of the staff are called Moderators.

10. Don't go begging for staff, this will get you a ban! If you want to be a staff member, you need to apply like everyone else, and you may get accepted.

11. Do not use your avatar or profile sections that appear next to your posts(Language, Hobbies, Location, etc.) to advertise, or display sexual, pornographic, or graphic content. Advertising anywhere else is fine, as long as you don't flood the forums with it.

12. If you break any of these rules, you will get a warning, five warnings will result in an appropriate temp Ban. If you get a second ban within 3 months of your first, YOU WILL GET A PERMANENT BAN!

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